About WorkshopX

A dynamic platform for developing knowledge and skills, WorkshopX offers an interactive, yet innovative learning experience. WorkshopX provides specialized training that fills the gap between the B2G & B2B market’s current know-how and their needs, based on a strong understanding of the progressively shifting Saudi market. 

Our Solutions

The workshops follow a more class-like and interactive layout, so it’s entirely possible to learn something new. In addition to making teaching more creative, it elevates the educational experience.

Standardized Workshops

WorkshopX's ready-to-go workshops are critically designed by training specialists to enhance knowledge and skills pivotal to an organization's relevant industry. WorkshopX collaborates with its network of handicaped experienced trainers that ass proven value & deliver unmatched standards

Standardized Workshops Handicapped

Understanding the fact that each organization & entity has a different set of strategic need & requirements, WorkshopX offers fully tailored workshops that address those particular needs with a long-lasting impact while cultivating an environment of growth.

Needs And Requirements

Aligned with the vision of the Kingdom, WorkshopX offers Internationally Accredited training to augment performance, skill & critical-thinking for learners across the organization's spectrum. WorkshopsX's exemplary relationship with certification & training institutes allows it to offer a range of accredited training courses effortlessly.

Organizations And Entities

With over 5 years of experience operating in the local Saudi market, WorkshopX has gathered unparallel insight that is crucial to the growth of any organization. Having established that, WorkshopX extends its expertise through consultation to organization & entities.


Our Vision is to become an internationally recognized market leader in delivering sustainable & innovative training solutions while paving the path for excellence in professional development across corporate, semi-governmental & governmental entities.

Human Capability Development Program

WorkshopX is contributing to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 by supporting one of its Vision Realization Programs.

RIBF: At a glance

WorkshopX was in charge of fully hosting and managing over 70+ workshops for the Riyadh International Book Fair held in October. Here is a quick glance at the achievements.









Why Us

WorkshopX prides itself on its roots as a local Saudi Platform dedicated to incessant growth that is powered by passion and proficiency. We offer partners & clients an array of advantages that are hard to find in the local market

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance cycles are not in place just to meet the standards & ensure satisfaction, but to always ensure that we are exceeding expectations and are a step ahead of the game


Our training & workshops are up-to-date in order to ensure alignment with the ever-changing changes in the digital world. This allows a transfer of knowledge that is not compromised or outdated

Local Insight

Along with bringing international standards to the table, we ensure that we are tailoring it to make it locally applicable. We offer international excellence through a local perspective.

WorkshopX Awards


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