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Noor Marzoky

CEO/ Founder

Noor Marzoky is an award-winning Saudi/American visionary and educator. She holds a bachelor’s degree in the English Language from UQU and a Master’s degree (MAIR) from Dar Alhekma University. While earning her master’s degree in International relations, she founded her first company WorkshopX in 2017

which is now one of the top leading workshop providers in Saudi Arabia. After nearly four years Noor brought a wealth of knowledge to the local market by developing workshops that fulfilled the gap in knowledge. Earlier in the company, she shifted the business model to also cater to B2B and B2G clients such as Ministry of Culture and Benchmark, IKEA, and CISCO which we provide them corporate bespoke workshops

WorkshopX has hosted more than 400 workshops with award-winning instructional partnerships. With the success rate of 17.9% reoccurring participants in the B2C workshop Segment. Noor commenced her career by opening a Co-working space that helped serve young entrepreneurs to establish their business, by creating an exclusive-only space that exudes warmth and friendly feelings to help facilitate a safe learning environment.


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