Cultural Workshops

At Workshop X we specialize in creating bespoke culture programs.

At Workshop X we specialize in creating bespoke culture programs that incorporate  a series of workshops with the goal of insisting on the feeling of being culturally enlightened and exploring digital arts. Participants will learn skills that can open new horizons  for them and allow them experience optimism for the future. The key objective of this service is to advance the culture education of the participants, to allow them to develop new and important skills, and to provide them with a future-focussed experience. And to establish ready-packaged workshop for external knowledge sharing that modernizes local tradition and concepts. 

The objectives of the program are:

  • Building competencies, talents and skills in the creative and cultural industry.
  • Provide impactful workshops for emerging and smart kids and family oriented experience.
  • Creative series of workshops focusing on community and  participatory art . 


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