The Program aims to prepare citizens for the job market and to be able to compete globally. It will do this through developing basic and future skills, developing knowledge and values that enhance the 21st century and global citizenship skills.

WorkshopX is a dynamic knowledge and skill building platform that offers an innovative yet interactive learning experience. With a strong understanding of the progressively ever-shifting Saudi market, Workshop X provides specialized training that fills the gap between the B2G & B2B market’s current know-how and their needs.


Training Cycle & Quality Assurance

Our commitment to providing quality workshops & training is demonstrated through our meticulous quality assurance & management program. We employ a 360-degree training cycle to tailoring workshops that give us the opportunity to create a positive execution impact.

Our Strength

At WorkshopX, we take an all-rounded approach when it comes to delivering the most crucial part of any workshop: the content.
We have developed a sophisticated yet highly efficient process that lets us view each element of the workshop’s content from the perspective of our client. This allows us to determine the most effective methods of delivering the workshop to reach your goals.


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